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90 Days Transformation Plans

90 Days Transformation Plans Available

The Gym

Welcome to Fengate Gym, we have been located here since 1988 and are one of the longest established gyms in Peterborough. Located in Fengate, Peterborough the gym is large with over 4000 square feet of dedicated space for you to enjoy. The qualified team have many years experience in the fitness industry, are dedicated and passionate about fitness and are on hand to help you achieve your goals; Whether it’s to improve your general health and fitness or something more specific such as improving body composition, fat loss or simply fine tuning, we can help.

Local Gym in Peterborough

The informal atmosphere at Fengate Gym is always friendly and supportive, somewhere that wants you to succeed and helps you get to your potential. We have a mixed range of members from ‘new to exercise’ through to bodybuilding, competitive strongman, powerlifting, athletes from other sports who all help each other. EVERYONE is welcome here. If you want personal training (PT) sessions, nutritional advice, supplements or have an injury or two we can help there too.


At Fengate Gym you’re not just a number. We don’t see you as a statistic on a computer screen, pushing additional services, never looking up as you walk into reception. What we will do is try to know who you are, what health and fitness goals you want to achieve, know your name, talk to you (unless you tell us to shut up!) and give you the best possible advice and service we can. We like a community feel, a happy family atmosphere that helps you get results through being supportive. We are an independent gym and the polar opposite of the corporate giants having to satisfy shareholders and venture capitalists.